Experience the amazing Buddha image engraved in the hill of Khao Chi Chan, Pattaya Thailand

Have you ever seen a Buddha engraved in a hill? Exactly! A Buddha was engraved in a hill. It is a spectacular Buddha image of Khao Chi Chan, in South of Pattaya. Locals called it as “Buddha Hill”. If you will visit Pattaya, the said Buddha is currently located in Sukhumvit Road South from Pattaya and turning left in Ban Yen Road.

You will see the beautiful image of Khao Chi Chan, who sat across- legged with one hand resting and
the other on his lap. A solitary limestone hill was built to commemorate His Majesty the King of Thailand’s gold jubilee. The image was carved into the rock and then marked out with gold in the recommendation of the Supreme Patriarch, who felt it was a perfectly good (beautiful hill). Through computer software, the image was made. It was drawn unto the side using laser.

The perfectly made Buddha was made at night for them to clearly see the light of the laser. They used gold to fill in the sculpture. Isn’t it amazing? Come and visit Khao Chi Chan, the Buddha Mountain of South Pattaya.


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