Students are forced to cross the dangerous river using a hanging cage to reach the school - Video

Manila, Philippine - Due to storms and other natural calamities that hit the Philippines every year, causes to damage of properties and government infrastructures like bridges and buildings, in effect people are suffering.

In most far places in the Philippines were we could say  blessing are limited, we can see people contented to what they have. In Barangay, Caraga in Davao Oriental, lots of students have to cross the dangerous river everyday just to reach the school. People had made temporary passage for children, they fixed a cable on each end of the river and placed a circular cage hanging on the cable. Children has to fit his body inside the circular cage and they have to pull the cable while hanging so that the cage will moved on the other end.  

According to the provincial government they had previously build a bailey bridge across the river but floods damaged and washed it out. Without the bridge, kids are difficult to reach the Butay Integrated School, at least 6 kilometers away from their homes.

The video has gone viral which was uploaded by Butay Integrated School Principal Pablo Banabal, were students are using the rattan cage hanging on the cable to cross the river.

As of the posting the said video has reached to SAP Bong Go who brought this matter to the president's attention. DPWH Secretary Mark Villar was tasked to look into this issue and check what kind of support that must be done to provide a better way for children in crossing the river.

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