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This small town in Pangasinan strictly bans 'chismis' and fines on gossips

The local government of Binalonan, Pangasinan are taking seriously to stop gossiping to their town and those caught in the act will get fined 500 pesos and forced to do street cleaning. The stricter new law of the town was made into effect and it was supported by towns's mayor Ramon Guico who says that chismis is a waste of time.  

"You'd think people would have something better to do," he speaks to The Wall Street Journal. He believes that banning on gossips will improve the quality of life of Binalonans people.

Guico also said that rumors spread more during hot summer, because people chat under the trees to avoid the hot sun. Often, topic of the discussions centers on who is cheating to their partner or getting into debt. 

Gossiping is "such a waste of time," he added. 

Jovelyn Manaois is a local councilor leader who has been assigned to investigate those who break law. She will be the one to decide what kind of penalty she would give to those found guilty.

"We haven't had to punish anyone for a second offence," she said.

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