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LOOK- Student wrote on a banana leaf went viral on social media

A photo went viral where a student wrote on banana leaf instead on notebook. The photos were taken by her teacher Arcilyn Azarcon at Lianga National High School. 
                Photo Credit: Arcilyn Azarcon 
Teacher Arcilyn's post last November 18,2019, gained thousands of reactions and shares in the social media. The student's name is Erlande Monter, who captured her teacher's attention. 

The teacher said, he asked everyone to get their notebook and copy the writings on the board. 

"Get your notebook and copy the writings on the board. After I write on the board, I roam around  and witness the child writing on a "BANANA LEAF" instead of notebook, teacher Arcilyn's said. 

The boy said that his mother doesn't have a work and his father's income which is 4,000/ month as a road maintenance at Department of Public Works and Highways is  not enough. If they have extra they can buy food for the family. 

He dreams of becoming a soldier someday that's why he never stops going to school despite of all the challenges. 

The teacher didn't expect that her post will become viral on social media. All she wants is to awaken other student's mind who are gifted with so many things. 

Because of her post many concerned netizens reached out to help the boy. Erlande's family are so thankful to the teacher who served as an instrument to help the boy. 

Erlande received a backpack with school supplies. Even teacher Arcilyn also give him a backpack with school supplies. Lianga's Mayor promised to give Erlande a daily allowance too. 

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