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Hundreds of whales and dolphins in Faroe island slaughtered, sea turns red

Hundreds of whales and dolphins were slaughtered during the annual butchering celebration in the Faroe Island, leaving animal rights groups in grief.

There are at least 252 long-finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were slaughtered in just a single day, according to reports.

The bloody Grindadrap is a tradition running over 1000 years where people living in the Island slaughter hundreds of whales and dolphins as they prepare for the harsh winter months ahead.

"This is the first organised grindadrap hunt of 2020 with the meat from the hunt distributed first to the approximately 70 hunt participants from the boats and those killing on the beach - and then the remainder to villages on Suðuroy with all recipients then free to sell their share of the meat if they so wish," Sea Shepherd UK Facebook page read.


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