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James De Los Santos concludes as world's No.1 in eKata

 Filipino karateka James De Los Santos is now the world's number 1 in the virtual kata ranking.

“I proudly raise this flag in triumph, I am the new world no.1 eKata player,” De Los Santos announced on his Facebook page.

"When I competed in my first virtual tournament last April, I found that there were a series of virtual tournaments and a world ranking system organized by SportData. 

"When I hit the no. 2 spot back in August 6, I was behind by nearly 3000 points to no.1. I thought to myself, “Wow that’s a big gap. How am I ever going to reach that?” I was discouraged at first, but my kata coach 🇯🇵, Masa Saito, reminded me to take it one tournament at a time.

"After 7 months of competing in so many tournaments on a weekly basis, the hard work has paid off; it is now official. I am the No.1 in the eKata World Ranking," He added. 

With 8,950 points, he dislodges Portugals’ Eduardo Garcia (8575) from the top of the standings.

Running third is South Africa’s Silvio Cerone-Biagioni (4,535 points), followed by Switzerland’s Matias Moreno Domont (4,455) and Slovenia’s Nejc Sternisa (3980).

De Los Santos said, the game isn't yet over, and he's determined to defend the No.1 spot throughout the year.

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