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Loving boyfriend spend almost two months planting sunflowers to surprise his girlfriend

 Many have fell in love with this social media post that is now going viral after this man spent almost two months to grow his sunflower plant for his girlfriend.

Angelo Aquino from San Fernando, Pampanga, wanted to surprise his girlfriend Jona Pare with much more effort as a gesture of his love. He decided to plant and documented his sunflower journey from a humble seeds until it became a fully bloomed flowers. 

After almost two months of waiting, Angelo was able to harvest the beautiful sunflowers and it was all  worth it. He finally surprised Jona with a bouquet of sun flowers that really bring her over the moon.

Source: Angelo Aquino Facebook

"How I did my secret surprise for my yaba. I can proudly say that I planted these. Di kailangan ng okasyon to make your girl happy. 

"There’s nothing sweeter than growing your own plants, and giving them to someone you love. Taking care of the plants, talking to them, and watching them grow. 

"You’ll have the pride. I hope you guys do the same. Kase hindi mabibili ng kahit anong pera ang pagmamahal," Aquino wrote.

He started planting with a couple of seeds. Source: Angelo Aquino Facebook

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