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How to use the Electronic Gate System at NAIA Terminal 3

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) will officially launch the Electronic Gate System for NAIA Terminal 3 on Monday, July 23. The system aims to improve the processing time of international passengers and to lessen long line at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It is expected to relieve passengers of the hassle, lining up long lines from manual counters as the machine would take a processing time of around 8-15 seconds from the present of 45 seconds.

This e-gate or the electronic gate system is a manless gate meaning, from a usual lining up to an immigration officer this is now manless gate.

How to use and what to do when entering this gates.

It consist of two gates, the first gate is the passport scanning where you will going to place the first page of your passport to a scanner that will scan atleast 4-6 seconds and the gate will open to you for the second step.

 The second gate is the finger print scanning, electronic voice will give an instruction to place your finger at the finger scan.  Every time you complete the instruction, the gate will automatically open your way to exit and its done. 

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