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M Squared Cebu guitar duo is big winner in World Championship of Performing Arts

Cebu guitar duo M Squared announced grand champion in the 22nd Annual World Championships of Performing Arts(WCOPA).

The guitar duo M Squared was declared as the Senior Grand Champion Insrumentalists of the World. The talented pair are Maxwell Soller, a full-time instructor at the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R), and Miguel Ibaseta, a Grade 12 Josenian.

Filipinos turned out with their flags on Friday, July 13 at the final WCOPA competition to show support on the seven Team Philippines artists.

"Maxwell and I just met around October last year because of a mutual friend,” said Ibaseta. “Maxwell’s friend referred me to him upon seeing my talent in playing the guitar. After a week or so, he posted the auditions for the WCOPA on Facebook and I got interested as soon as I saw it. I private messaged him about WCOPA and told him that I would audition. In the end, we decided that we would audition together,” he shared in Sunstar.

The two was reportedly competed in five styles:classical, contemporary, jazz, open and original works where they won silver medals in all categories before winning the WCOPA Grand title.

The team totally bagged 286 medals, plaques and badges:

55 Gold Medals
83 Silver Medals
81 Bronze Medals
34 Division Champion Plaques
33 Semi-Finalist Badges

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