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Sci Geek Cafe and Bar offer new unlimited promo

Here are the Unlimited Promo Mechanics:

1. No sharing, violators will be automatically charged the unli promo shared amount.
2. Strictly no take-out
3. Clean plate, glass, bottle policy. Must finish the food, beverages before refill or order.
4. No left overs. Left overs will be charged by a certain amount describe in the promo specification.
5. First come, first serve, first refill basis.
6. Call out waiter, waitress for refills.
7. Enjoy, have a great time and don't forget to tag us or use our hashtags.


Our New Unlimited Promos:

1. Get Unlimited Chicken, YES UNLIMITED CHICKEN (BREAST, WINGS or THIGH PART) for only P199 + Unli Rice!

*Creamy Pastel
*Honey Glazed
*Honey Mustard
*Garlic Aioli
*Garlic Parmesan
*Honey Garlic

*Add P50 for Unlimited Milktea w/ Pearls

2. Unli Milktea still at P100 + Unli Pearls which if you add P80 you will get UNLIMITED FRIES / NACHOS / PASTA / PIZZA/ QUESADILLAS.


Unli Fries
*Honey Mustard
*Garlic Aioli
*Tomato Ketchup

Unli Nachos
*Cumin Beef
*White Onions
*Garlic Aioli
*Cheese Sauce

Unli Pasta
*Creamy Carbonara
*Sweet Style Spaghetti
*Tuna Pesto
*Chicken Pesto

Unli Pizza
*Ham & Cheese
*Spicy Beef
*Chicken & Cheese


3. Unli Fries / Nachos / Pasta / Pizza without Milktea - P150

4. Unli Beer! Yes UNLI BEER! (PALAHUBOG!) for P300, Add P50 for UNLI PULUTAN! Walwal na this!

San Mig Pilsen
San Mig Light
San Mig Apple
Red Horse
Smirnoff Mule

Chicken Skin
Chicken Tenders
Onion Rings
Cheese Stick

Promo starts tomorrow!
Our New Menu is also posted!
Come and visit us your home of unlimited promos in Bacolod!
Have a great time and enjoy with your friends!

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