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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno wants to show project bidding process Live on social media

In a bid for public trust, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on his term signed the first executive order adopting an "Open Governance" policy.

Under the Executive Order No.1, Isko ordered that all major project bidding of the city should be live-streamed on social media. 

"All procurement and bidding activities, contract signings, official meetings of the City Officers shall be streamed live online via Facebook and/or other social media platforms," the executive order read.

The departments under his office was tasked to appoint social media officers that will create and maintain social accounts, where each agency would post an executive orders, city ordinances, approved projects and the announcements. The policy also orders all projects, and decisions must be posted online within 24 hours of their issuance.

The mayor also wants to use social media to hear the voice of Manileños and crowdsource ideas from the public that every departments should adopt and create better solutions.

He encourage the public to tweet and chat so that their complaint to the current Manila administration will be heard and will be given proper actions. He added that the public is free to access the city's financial records, transactions and other documents.

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