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1971 vintage tricycle from the Philippines still running in Vancouver, Canada

Don, 92, was having a government sponsored tourist trip in the Philippines way-back-in 1971 when he fell in love with the mode of public transportation. When he first arrived in Zamboanga, Philippines he was picked up by the Mayor with a tricycle and even travel 5 miles going through a golf course for leisure.

  Photo credit: DownieLive / Facebook

"I said to the mayor, I'd like to buy one of these and take it home," he said.

He told the mayor to ship the red one to Vancouver. Then the mayor was quick to asked, "Well, where the hell's Vancouver?" Then he replied in Canada.

        Photo credit: DownieLive / Facebook

When the transactions seemed done, Don gave the cash to pay for the tricycle.

But for some unknown circumstances he didn't received any news after 6 months.

        Photo credit: DownieLive / Facebook

Then he started to ask from the Philippine authority and he found out that it wasn't offloaded in Vancouver, instead the captain tried to offload it in Portland due to a freezing weather.

A year later, he got a call from a longshoreman. Finally, Don got the tricycle!

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