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Northern Samar riders gives hope to elderly man by rebuilding his shattered house in just 8 hours

A group of riders in Northern Samar is rebuilding a teardown house of the old man leaving alone.

An early gift that will surely gave hope to the old man has restored faith in humanity.

"The day ends and we are exhausted, but helping the people you don't know and seeing them happy is the greatest happiness in the world," Dennis Carolino said on his Facebook post with several pictures showing his group busy for the man's new home.

A salute for the JHS Riders Club & Sniper Club150i - Team Norte for doing such amazing job.

While others are doing some landscaping, these group were also busy for the house post.

Despite of the heavy downpour, the group never stop so that they can give to the old man his new home. 

Of course, to blessed the new home with prosperity the group of kind-hearted riders also gave the old man with food he needs such as rice, eggs, canned goods and among others.

Finally, they made it after 8 hours non-stop working.

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