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Thrilled netizen goes viral after wearing swimwear in Manila Bay

 On Saturday, September 19,2020, the white sand beach in Manila bay was fully opened. 

The opening of the white sand beach was crowded with people. 

This is the newest tourists attraction in the City of Manila. 

Although many members of the congress do not want the said project and want to stop putting white sand on it, this project will continue to maintain its cleanliness.

Authorities also urged the public to visit and see the new look of Manila Bay after the rehabilitation and placement of dolomite sand on it.

Hundreds of netizens are taking pictures. 

But with the influx of people at the opening, the health protocol is no longer being followed.

Violations of social distancing when Manila Bay was opened to the public last Saturday would have been avoided if only there had been proper coordination, according to Joint Task Force COVID Shield commander Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar.

Police Lt. will replace Alex Daniel and Police Lt. Caramoan as officer-in-charge. At the same time, the Joint Task Force COVID Shield reminded the public to follow health protocols when visiting Manila Bay.

But even so, people are still coming.

And of all the people taking photos on the beach, the lady wearing swimwear has become the highlight in Manila Bay. 

Netizen Renalyn Macato has gone viral after wearing swimwear.

According to the photographer and a friend of Renalyn, Bernard Bayog, they were just having fun posing for the new “white sand” attraction in Manila Bay. He said that Renalyn really likes to wear swimwear.

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