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Camille Trinidad's fans are fiercely defending her against alleged other women who appear in Raffy Tulfo

 After Raffy Tulfo's episode for Camille Trinidad and the women involved in the alleged Jayzam Lloyd Manabat cheating exposed, fans poured out support for Camille. 

Trinidad, who drop many bombshell during Raffy Tulfo's interview slamming the women who appeared in the program to clean their names made Nyca and Dambie Tensuan speechless. The women who appeared in the program accused Trinidad of posting false accusation against them in social media where they received a lot of bashings from netizens.

Trinidad allegedly exposed the names of the women who had an affair with her long time boyfriend.

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Nyca claimed that Jayzam promised her to protect her name, but it never happened, revealing that Jayzam had told her that Camille was with another man and everything that they are doing is purely business for their vlog. However, Dambie's complaint was about the bashing that she received, tagging her as 'kabit'.

Camille, to her response released a statement fiercely, narrating everything that she discovered about the incident with her boyfriend and the other women.

Although the women involved denies that they have fault and refuse to say sorry, netizens took to social media to express their support for Trinidad.

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