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Mom says 10-year-old daughter suffers focal seizure caused by excessive use of gadgets

 Heads up parents, limit your kids "screen time" would be a good idea.

A social media post has since went viral after a mother shared a traumatic experienced with her 10-year-old daughter who suffered a focal seizure, she believed that it was caused by excessive use of electronic gadgets.

Source: Lovely Gervacio Tajan

A Facebook post of Lovely Gervacio Tajan, a registered nurse, earned social media attention after she shared a photo of her eldest daughter undergoing CT Scan to warned parents about the effect of screen addiction especially to their children.

"Her body was really stiff, she was drooling and the most scary part was her eyes were widely open and rolled upwards, she was unconscious and unresponsive," she said.

It was about '"4am, I was awakened by a noise coming from the bed where my 2 kids were sleeping in, I immediately ran towards them" and she 'saw her 10-year-old daughter Michaela uncontrollably shaking.'

Despite being a nurse, she admitted seeing her daughter made her lost at that time, blank to what had happened she grab and hug her so tight - revealing she felt terrified.

Tajan explained that she blame herself for what happened  to her daughter, admitted she doesn't monitor Michaela's screen time.

"Kasi wala naman sila magawa na ibang activities kaya hinahayaan ko. Laptop for Online classes the whole day then cellphone or other gadgets after," she explained.

She ended her post to spread awareness to everyone and told them to simply minimize the use of gadgets.

"Please manage, monitor and limit ang inyong mga kapatid, pamangkin and your kid’s screen time and prevent na mangyari ito."

Today is the scariest and worst day of my life. Posting this photo of my eldest daughter Michaela undergoing CT Scan...

Posted by Lovely Gervacio Tajan on Sunday, April 18, 2021

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