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Actress Jane de Leon is said to have accepted the comments and criticism, especially when she led the remake of the TV series - Darna. According to Jane, she understands her bashers.


She admitted, at first, that she was hurt by the criticisms she received from netizens criticizing her.


"First of all, mommy knew it affected me because suddenly Darna from 'Halik,' and new artist. I don't know how to handle it. Of course, I was affected. 'Why are they saying this?' After years and months, I realized they also have a point. Why I was chosen? Honestly, I don't even know why I was chosen," said Jane.


Regine Velasquez, now one of the official hosts of "Magandang Buhay" couldn't resist answering the question of why Jane was chosen to be Darna. It was remembered that Regine Velasquez also previously played Darna in the movie.


"You know I understand why ABS-CBN chose someone new and fresh. Of course, we want our Darna to be a new face. I remember when it was Angel (Locsin), she’s new. Vilma Santos was so young when she did Darna. We know her, but she's just a newbie. Even Lorna Tolentino. So it's right that Darna will be a new face now," said Regine.


In the program, Jane's mother shared the support they gave to her daughter, especially in the criticism they received.


"It seems like it's hard on our part because I sometimes see her crying. But, Jane is strong. So over the years, she also learned to adjust to the world of showbiz. It also strengthens her. So, she understands. I said, 'I think they don't know you. That's why they said that because they don't see anything in you, just in social media.' So we kept telling her to do something on other platforms?' That's why she started her vlog to get to know her better," said Jane De Leon's mother.


People might criticize Jane, she was also given advice from a fellow Darna, Rio Locsin.


"I always tell Jane that it's a great honor and a great privilege. It's hard, but not everyone is called Darna. Not everyone has been given a chance.” Rio said.

Locsin said their team is ready to help Jane in all situations.

"We are here. We will not abandon you. We will give you all the support.”

Rio said, "Imbibe it, and take it to your heart".

"You don't know how long the stone will be gone from you so hold on. Live it for yourself. Don't waste the chance given to you", Rio added.

Locsin once flew as Darna in the movie "Bira, Darna, Bira" in 1979 with Romnick Sarmenta as Ding.

For now, Locsin will play the role of Roberta Ferrer-Custodio, one of Narda's (De Leon) relatives.






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