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Andrew Schimmer clarifies the misleading report that actor Coco Martin allegedly settled the ₱6 million hospital bill of his wife. The confusion stemmed from a misleading tabloid headline, which was misinterpreted by netizens.

November 2021, Andrew's wife Jorhomy "Jho" Rovero was rushed to St.Luke's BGC hospital due to cardiac arrest and hypoxemia.

For months Andrew's wife stayed in the hospital and their bills also getting bigger. Not long after, many netizens extended their respective donations to Andrew via GCash.

But many netizens are now angry with Andrew because they misinterpreted the Abante report on August 27, 2022.

The issue started because of the tabloid's headline "P6M debt to the hospital: Coco helped Andrew."

Netizens thought that Andrew had settled his wife's hospital bill because Coco Martin had paid it in full.

It appears that some details of the article are not clear and the netizens misunderstood it or did not read the report in its entirety.

As of press time, the tabloid has changed the headline. However, Andrew was affected and received a lot of criticism from netizens.

They thought they were scammed by sending the donation to Andrew when the PHP6 million hospital bill had already been settled.

Andrew took to social media to clarify the issue.

In a Facebook post this Saturday, August 27, Andrew appeals to the tabloid to change the caption because "INFORMATION IS MISLEADING."

Part of Andrew's post (published as is): "PANSININ NYO PO AKO. please paki bago po ang caption ng inyo pong post because this INFORMATION IS MISLEADING. Hndi binayaran ni CoCo ang sinasabi nyong 6M bill na po na yan, bagkus ay nagpahatid lang po ng konting tulong ang ating kapatid nun pa pong last November,and for this I will be forever greatful for CoCo’s kind gesture…pero malinaw ko pong sinabi ito sa aking interview sa inyo pati nga halaga ng binigay sinabi ko just to be transparent with everbody…wala napo kme naging communication after that. Kaya yang caption po na ginawa ninyo is MISLEADING and WRONG INFORMATION. at hndi po kme sa MEDICAL CTY again wrong information. I know you just want to catch people’s attention, kaya ganyan po ang caption na inyong ginamit, kaso nakikita at nababasa nyo sa mga comments ng post po ninyo na Maling Mali na ang nagiging reaction ng ating mga ibang kapatid na netizens. So obligashon po natin na I-correct ang ating pagkakamali bago pa po ito mag create ng matinding pinsala. SO PLEASE, BE RESPONSIBLE AND CORRECT THIS. Kaya po ako nag pa interview sa Inyo dahil ako po ay May tiwala na Mabuti po ang inyong intention, so please change the caption that mislead our brothers and sisters. Salamat po."


Andrew also made a video to clarify the issue and aired it on Ogie Diaz's vlog.

Andrew explains in the video“Hindi po binayaran nang buo ng ating kapatid na si Coco Martin ang amin pong bill sa hospital which is 6 million...Kung babasahin niyo pong maigi, nakalagay po doon sa caption na nilagay po ng Abante na nagbigay lang po ng konting tulong yung ating kapatid na si Coco Martin, pero hindi niya po binayaran nang buo.”

Andrew insisted that he was very grateful for Coco's financial help. But he wanted to clarify that the advance payment given to the hospital was "not the effort of just one person."

Andrew said,“Ito po ay effort nating lahat. Ito po ay effort ng iba nating kapatid.”

It is said that apart from the donation of netizens via GCash, it also includes the help of some showbiz personalities.

According to Ogie's report, Andrew has already made a down payment to the hospital of half a million pesos and he also made a post-dated check for the remaining balance. But Ogie insisted that Andrew still needs help because he still has a large balance to pay in St. Luke's BGC.

If you want to help, you can visit Andrew's Facebook page (John Andrew Schimmer).

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