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Barbie Imperial shared some answers to the spreading rumors about her. She said that even in Xian Gaza's interview, she didn't respond to it. 

On Barbie's youtube channel, she answered all the rumors about her.

Rumor #1: Are you a politician's mistress?

Barbie answered: "Actually feeling ko naman as an artista, hindi mo talaga maiiwasan na masabihan ka na kabit ka ni ganito, ganyan na may mga sugar daddy ganito, ganyan,...Hindi ako kabit"

Barbie said since she was on the calendar for Tanduay, many people have been telling her that someone wants to have dinner with her, want to take her to another country, and go shopping. 

But, she expressed that it felt better if she worked hard for everything she wanted.

Rumor #2: You're the girlfriend of Sandro Marcos?

Barbie answered:"That's not true. kami ni Sandro naging friends kami wayback as in matagal na."

Even though Sandro Marcos and President Bongbong Marcos have not won yet, they are said to be friends-super close.

Barbie also clarified that there was nothing romantic between them, they were just really close.

Rumor #3: You went to Karla Estrada's house because you and Daniel Padilla have something?

Barbie answered: "pumunta ako ng bahay ni tita Karla kasi, first, kaibigan ko si tita karla and si Maggie kaibigan ko rin"

Barbie said she just answers these rumors now because she remained silent at that time when this issue became the talk of many netizens because of the photo shared online when she was in Karla Estrada's house.

According to the actress, she was ashamed of Kathryn Bernardo. She doesn't know what Kathryn will think of the said issue.

She explained, that she went to Karla Estrada's house at that time because they had just broken up with Diego Loyzaga. Diego is said to be like Karla's son.

At that time, Barbie's mom was not there and she became emotional, so she approached her friend. Karla was one of the people she approached because she was like her mother and could give her more advice.

Barbie added, that when that issue came out, the 'Beks Battalion' group was also at Karla's house.

She respects what Kathryn and Daniel have, and even respects some other couples.

Rumor #4: DJ comforted you and hugged you while you were crying over Diego?

Barbie answered: "That's not true"

Rumor #5: You were caught checking in to the hotel with Xian Lim?

Barbie answered: "...may racket kasi kami nun, at siyempre isang hotel lang para madaling pumunta sa event mismo..."

The said photo of her and Xian Lim was taken in Davao, according to her they had a racket at that time so they checked in at the same hotel.

Barbie stated, "if sasabihin mo na nag check-in kami sa hotel, 'OO' naka check-in talaga kami sa iisang hotel pero that doesn't mean na isang kwarto kami"

Barbie even jokingly said, "ang bobo namin nag papicture pa talaga?"

Rumor #6: You and JM De Guzman were only FUBUs?

"grabeh hindi naman siguro FUBU may emotions naman yun tsaka, wala naman nangyari sa amin", Barbie said while laughing with excitement

"It wasn't like just FUBU, ako syempre ni love ko talaga si JM as in minahal".

Rumor #7: You are strict that's why you have enemies on Girltrends?

"Well to be fair, to be honest may ka malditahan talaga ako. Like very straight forward ako, pero di ako yung  tao na maldita na nang-aapak nang tao, na nanlalait nang tao,..." Barbie expressed.

Rumor #8: You have a boyfriend who is currently a politician now and someone took a picture at the airport?

The said man is not Barbie's boyfriend, but she went out a couple of times with him.

"He is a good man, came from a good family. His family is very kind but he is not my boyfriend. But we are always together as a group", described Barbie.

Watch the full reaction of Barbie Imperial on the issue.

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