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 Liza Soberano believes she is now "living my(her) life for me" as an actress and as a person.

The actress uploaded a video on her YouTube channel on Sunday talking about her personal growth after moving to the U.S. and joined the new management agency.

On her 14-minute vlog, the 25-year-old is reflecting about her past, saying, she began her acting and endorsing career at the age of 12. And the pandemic has taught her a lot of things in life to decide for her future.

"I've sacrificed myself, I've sacrificed my freedom. I've sacrificed my happiness to present Liza Soberano to the world," she said.

Added that she "embarked on a fresh new chapter and I am finally taking control of my life, pursuing dreams that I've always had to hold off on. It's exciting, it's terrifying, it's anxiety-filled and confusing. But what I know for sure is that for the first time, I am finally living my life for me."

Soberano's entire career for 13 years, she marked six feature film, 500 episodes of teleseryes and have only really dabbed into three main genres - romance, comedy, and drama.

"During all those year's I was never really asked for my input, my thoughts, my ideas. I felt like I was being told to be just a flower for so long and I finally started to explore a world of being able to create and tell my story and hopefully others."

Soberano also announced the launching for her new endorsement project with the brand on Monday. 

She also revealed that she is now exploring her writing and producing skills - revealing that she is currently working her "first jab at directing."

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