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26-Year-Old Mom with 22 Kids: A Family Like No Other, Spends Php10-M on Surrogacy

 At the age of 26, a Russian female's life objectives may include having a large family members, with a certain focus on having over a hundred kids. She has actually already made significant development in the direction of this objective, with 22 kids to her name, 20 of whom were born within the span of a solitary year.

Kristina Ozturk recently shared an Instagram Reel of her "substantial and incredible family," which she calls a "invaluable treasure." The video revealed her and her kids-- 21 of whom were born via surrogacy-- showing up one by one as they wear white tee shirts.

"Kristina revealed her appreciation towards Victoria, Mustafa, Maryam, Irene, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Hussein, Teresa, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet, Ahmet, Ali, Christina, Alyona, Sarah, Lokman, Alparslan and Olivia, stating that they bring pleasure and affection into her life."

The vibrant mom, a resident of Batumi, Georgia, is in a union with Galip, a well-off gent of 58 years.

According to previous reports by The Sun, the Ozturks have been stated to have paid a total of $195,000, which is about P10.8 million, to surrogates in between the months of March 2020 and July 2021.

Throughout a year, they assign $96,000, equivalent to P5.3 million, in the direction of the employment of 16 live-in nannies.

According to the Daily Mail, Galip was punished to eight years in prison in very early 2023 after being founded guilty of unlawfully getting and possessing medications.

"Kristina exposed that her dad is presently far-off from their family, causing her children to feel his absence deeply. Nevertheless, they are eagerly anticipating his return."

She additionally noted that they're placing all initiatives "to increase our kids healthy, pleased, truthful individuals, loading their hearts with light and generosity."

In 2021, Kristina, aged 23, revealed that she and her partner were aiming to broaden their family members to an astonishing 105 members, including the 11 children they currently had.

In a surrogacy setup, a woman consents to carry and bring to life a kid who will be increased by another party, either a pair or a single moms and dad. The biological father might add his sperm for the fertilizing process, or the surrogate can undertake in vitro fertilizing (IVF) with a previously fed egg.

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