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Gobert Fined $100,000 for Referee Criticism and Gesture

Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert faces a hefty fine for his actions during Friday's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA slapped him with a $100,000 penalty on Sunday, March 10th, citing both criticizing officiating and an inappropriate gesture towards a referee.


Foul Call Sparked Controversy

The incident unfolded in the game's final seconds with the score tied. Gobert was called for a foul, leading to his disqualification. He responded by making a money-counting gesture towards the official, hinting at potential officiating bias influenced by sports betting. This resulted in a technical foul, giving Cleveland a free throw that tied the game and forced overtime, which the Cavaliers eventually won.


Repeat Offender and Public Statements

According to the NBA's Joe Dumars, the hefty fine considers Gobert's "past instances of conduct detrimental to the NBA" regarding officiating criticism. Gobert acknowledged his actions cost the Timberwolves the game, but also expressed concerns about the growing influence of sports betting on officiating.


Gobert's Stance: Fine Hurts the Game

Despite accepting the fine, Gobert stands by his belief that sports betting is negatively impacting the sport. He stated, "I'll take the fine, but I think it's hurting our game. I know the betting and all that is becoming bigger and bigger, but it shouldn't feel that way."

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