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Rayver Cruz Clarifies Behavior with Julie Anne San Jose in Viral Video

 Rayver Cruz addressed the controversy surrounding his recent livestream with girlfriend Julie Anne San Jose. The Kapuso star was criticized for his playful behavior, with some netizens accusing him of being under the influence.


One netizen specifically alleged that Rayver was acting inappropriately and might have been on drugs. They shared clips from the livestream to support their claims. In the clips, Rayver was seen playfully tugging on Julie Anne's hair.


However, both Rayver nad Julie Anne denied the accusations. Rayver apologized to anyone who might have been offended by his actions, but emphasized that he was simply being himself - playful and happy, especially when with his girlfriend.


He stressed that he would never intentionally hurt Julie Anne, and that his playful behavior was something they'd done in other videos together. Her respects Julie Anne immensely, both personally and professionally.


Rayver also pointed out that he takes his work seriously and would never do anything to jeopardize his reputation or that of his colleagues.


Some netizens supported Rayver, suggesting he should take legal action against the accuser for tarnishing his image. Julie Anne also defended Rayver, calling the accusations "below the belt" and urging the netizen to stop.

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