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Ralph Lauren launches eco-friendly shirt made of recycled plastic bottles

A known garment manufacturing brand Ralph Lauren has launched an eco-friendly polo shirt made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and dyed through a process that uses zero water. The company has pledged their commitment to sustainable development and target as much as 170 million plastic bottles to be recycle by 2025.

"We are currently on a journey to refresh our approach to global citizenship and sustainability, and have implemented change across our business, including reducing water usage, introducing new energy-saving measures, and using recycled components where possible," the company stated.

The company added that their newest line is just the beginning of many more sustainable initiatives  they are looking at.

The shirts are manufactured in Taiwan, where the bottles are collected were each polo shirt consumes 12 plastic bottles. The company is in partnership with First Mile, an organization that collects the bottles turned into yarn and other fabric.

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