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Myanmar pilot successfully landed a passenger plane without front wheels, saves 89 people and seven crew

A Pilot in Myanmar has successfully landed a plane without front wheels, saving all 89 passengers and seven crews on board. Capt. Myat Moe Aung has forced to call for an emergency landing without front wheels after making a two fly-bys passing the tower for air controllers to check visually whether the wheels had deployed.

            Photo credit from Cape Diamond Twitter

The captain tried to do an emergency procedure to pull down the front wheel but unsuccessful.

A video that has circulated on social media went viral showing an excellent landing from back wheels before the nose pinned down the run way and slowly stop.

The report said that the captain followed emergency procedure by dumping fuel to reduce the landing weight, and made a safe landing at 9:09am in Mandalay International airport on Sunday.

Passengers of the Myanmar Airlines flight could be seen rushed out from the plane.

All 89 people on board including seven crew members are all safe and Myanmar Airlines flight UB-103 - an Embraer-190 model was grounded as investigations is going on.

Capt. Myat Moe Aung shaking hands with #Mandalay Chief Minister after the landing. 

The Captain and the cabin crew.

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