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Just in this city, boys can wear skirts and girls can wear pants in school

Maybe some of you were also thinking, what if someday everything will change. Mexico city recently passed a law allowing school boys to wear girl's uniforms and school girls to wear boys' uniforms. This was posted in the secretary of Education Facebook Page. 

      Photo / Reddit

Mayor Caludia Sheinbaum made an announcement yesterday. 

"It's been dozens of years that in an act of freedom women decided to wear pants. Today is a common garment. We gave today freedom so that girls can wear pants as part of their school uniform. Before the skirt was mandatory. We are in the st century," She wrote on Facebook.

The city has the first area in Mexico who has been introducing the most liberal way of living. In 2010, the city issued a marriage license to same-sex couples, and many other states followed suit and push for same-sex marriage to be made legal.

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