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Highschool, K12 Graduates Are Qualified To Apply As Flight Attendant

Others find K12 program not beneficial, but now that bad perceptions might change you, in a way that after you finished K12 you can join  the flight crew members of some biggest airline company in the world.

Good news because international airlines are accepting K12 Pinoy graduates to be a part of their cabin crew community.

The Become a Flight Attendant Philippine Facebook page post explained who can apply as a flight attendant or as a cabin crew.

In the post said that K12 Pinoy graduates are eligible to apply for these posts.

Airlines accepting applicants with K to 12 program are:

1. Oman Air
2. Saudi Gulf Airlines
3. Air Asia Philippines
4. Qatar Airways
5. Saudi Airlines

However, Philippine Airlines requires four (4) years graduate in college, while Cebu pacific is accepting a minimum of two (2) year course.

If your interested to fly and be part of the cabin member, you may able to visit the different airlines' website for some job opportunity.

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