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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno steps on human 'Sh*t' in Bonifacio Monument, sacked police chief

OMG! Mayor Isko accidentally stepped on disgusting human sh*t after he inspected the Bonifacio Monument, a known to the home of revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio in Ermita Manila. After discovering lots of human feces are scattered in the area, he sacked the police chief responsible in the area of Lawton.

In the video posted on his Facebook account, Isko and his staffs were tiptoeing around to avoid human feces splattered everywhere.

"This smells like a toilet," Moreno said. "Where can you find a monument of Andres Bonifacio where there are feces behind him? There are feces everywhere.Son of a b*tch why did they ruin this?"

After he spoke at the middle of the crowd, he noticed something underneath his shoe. 

OMG! A Sh*t. 

"That means I'm lucky. I'm gong to have money!" He joke on his staff as saying.

After a disgusting day for Mayor Isko, he ordered to relieved Police Lt. Rowel Robles, the chief of Lawton police community precinct which is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the area. 

Isko also ordered Manila City Hall employees to remove illegally built structures and campaign materials, including his. 

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