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Bacolaneo was hailed for helping a woman to gave birth mid-flight from Qatar

This ilonggo nurse was hailed for his action when a fellow passenger went into labour  during mid-flight. The amount of effort he put into the life of this mother and the child is priceless that deserves  recognition. 

Francis Dominic Mendoza is a nursing staff in Ireland and a true-blood bacolodnon is aboard a flight going to Manila via Qatar airways when the incident happened on July 9.

According to the report, during the mid-flight near Thailand, a mother started experiencing labor pains. As labor was approaching, Mendoza together with the cabin crew immediately began preparations. The area at the back of the plane was isolated for the delivery. The mother in her new born son are both in good condition.

                        Photo: Francis Dominic Mendoza

"I have never been so happy and fulfilled as a nurse! Assisting this woman who bravely delivered a healthy baby boy inside the plane while we were in the middle of the flight was just so AMAZING. Nothing more," Mendoza wrote on Facebook post.

Then, the plane took an emergency landing in Thailand to give the Filipina mom and the child a proper medical care.

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