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Lebanon's protest turns out a child-friendly demonstration when protesters sing Baby Shark for a scared toddler

It's been over a week since Lebanese people gathered together and occupied the streets to show human force and protests the falling economy.

Noisy demonstration could be heard all over the city and mostly children are the most affected. Recently, a video from the street of Lebanon has been going viral and for all the good reasons. The world's popular song "Baby Shark" has become a rallying cry after protesters in the street of Lebanon spontaneously sang the hit song to calm a toddler who's traveling with her mother and they were trapped in the middle of the demonstration.

The mother who was driving the car asked protesters if they could stop shouting as her young son, Robin, was scared which is seated at the passenger seat.
Suddenly the crowd spontaneously changes the rallying cry into a rendition of "Baby Shark," complete with hand gestures and a big smiles from protesters dancing in front of the car. So adorable gestures. Love in humanity somewhat restored!

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