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MassKara Festival's Random Photos That Gives The World A Glimpse How Bacolaneo Celebrates One Of The Famous Festivals In The Country

The Electric MassKara is one of the most popular event happened on a month celebration in Bacolod City. Tourism Strip along Lacson street was converted into food and music festival that could be the Philippines' biggest street party.

Because we missed the event, we took the chance to take a swipe on Facebook feeds and we see lots of photos to be worth sharing and we are thrilled!

Photo Credit: Aeson Tronco Baldevia

SpongeBob Squarepants appearance during the MassKara Festival dance competition gives the internet a good smile after a dancer accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction. The photo was captured from the quick eyes and finger of Aeson Tronco Baldevia who shared a now viral photo with a caption " One of my favorite 'split-second' Masskara Photo," He said. 

That split-second incident reveals the favorite yellow cartoon character printed to one of the dancer's inner shorts. And we know you're one of the die-hard SpongeBob ever fan!

Photo Credit: Aeson Tronco Baldevia

A photo of a man standing in the middle of the crowd holding a sign with a caption, #MoreFish Not Plastic would remind visitors to have proper disposal of their waste while they are enjoying the celebration of Electric MassKara along Lacson street in Bacolod City.

Photo Credit: Aeson Tronco Baldevia

And we are thrilled to see this face! This man can be seen almost every town in Negros Occidental, celebrating the festivity to locals with all the positivity and stress free attitude in life.  

      Photo Credit: Aeson Tronco Baldevia
Love to see these colorful happy mask that invites positivity to every visitors of the Ruby MassKara Festival.

Party goers are queuing along the tourism strip and they are greeted by lively beats and the smell of mouthwatering food. Every corner are packed with stall after of delicious food from trademark Bacolod Inasal and a whole night of fan from the spectacular performances from different invited leading acts in the country.

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