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Mayor Isko donates Php 4M talent fee to PGH after accepting to be a brand's model

Manila's Mayor Isko Moreno is going above and beyond to help the people of Manila. He would be the most well-known figures in the Philippines today and brands like JAG and IAM Coffee are the latest companies who truly believes in him as a great influencer.
      Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo Supporters / Facebook
Raffy Tulfo Supporters Facebook page shared a video showing Yorme Isko announced his latest modeling offer and he accepted for his great love to the people of Manila. He told his constituents that they might be a little surprised to see him on billboards and commercials.

Fortunately he accepted the job for a good cause - he will donate the proceeds to the cancer patients of PGH. He first shared that JAG Jeans paid him a sum Php1 million to be one of their models and he agreed to give his talent fee to the PGH. Upon learning his decision, the owner reportedly promised to double the amount and give the sum to the charity.

He also accepted the offer from IAM Coffee of IAM World, where he get Php3 million and he promised to give the money to PGH. Isko even showing off the partial payment for the PGNA cancer patients and said that the full payment will also goes to the same hospital.

It was a sweet gestures from Yorme for showing support, and we could feel his sincerity to help as he give the sick a hope to live.

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