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Regine Velasquez received flowers from Louis Vuitton after the alleged discrimination in NY store

The Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez just recently received a bouquet of flowers from a French fashion house Louis Vuitton after she allegedly told on her now viral video that she was discriminated against while shopping in the New York City.
     Photo grab: YouTube

Velasquez revealed the alleged incident in an October 2 YouTube video in which she showed off the clothes and shoes in her closet.

On the video, Velasquez recalls about a time in the early 2000s, when she attempted to enter the store for the first time to buy a pair of shoes she saw in a magazine. She was then told by the sales representative that they don't have the shoe size for her. 

“I went to New York to find [these] particular shoes… And then when I got there, nakita ko na, nandun sa display. Sa umpisa pa lang, sinabi agad sa akin wala akong size… Sinabi talaga. Sabi ko, ‘Can I at least try them on?’ Sabi niya,  sabi ng guy, ‘Uh, no.’ Sabi talaga, ganun. Na-discriminate agad ang lola niyo, so na-depress ako ng very very light.”

Out of her annoying experience she went to luxury store Neiman Marcus and bought 20 pairs of shoes, then returned back to Louise Vuitton holding a precious shopping bags. That's the time store's staff gave her a little respect, and finally they sold her the pair of shoe.

Velasquez recounted the story in an interview on the late night show with 'Tonight With Boy Abunda".

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