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Regine Velasquez threw her shoe to Morissette Amon after rehersal at ASAP Natin To

Morissette Amon is not the first celebrity to have a shoe thrown at her, but she is probably one of the first to take it as a compliment.

The singer posted a video on her YouTube account showing her having a shoe thrown at her by the couple Regine Velasquez and husband Ogie Alcasid after singing Sammy Davis Jr.'s "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

Rather than being upset about it, however, Amon was pleased on her rehearsal performance as Ogie threw his rubber shoe on stage to compliment Amon. While her wife Regine shouted "Woooh!" and  also threw her shoe towards Amon.

Other singers like Erik Santos then remarked, "Ako, nanggigigil ako sa'yo Morissette." Even Sarah Geronimo, who was Amon's coach in The Voice, was seen applauding with a smile after the performance.

Zsa Zsa Padilla could be heard saying, "Uwi na to!"

Regine replied, "Oo, lam mo, kailangan mo daw umuwi."

Throwing a shoe for other can be a negative gestures, but for the couple Regine and Ogie, it is a show of compliment towards the amazing performance of Amon.

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