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Vice Ganda poking fun at Quiboloy's statement about stopping an earthquake earned baklash from supporters

The comedian Vice Ganda has come in for some criticism by supporters of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy after the religious group leader became the subject of the jokes of "it's Showtime". 

Doing his usual banter with the group in the show's "Tawag ng Tanghalan" segment in It's Showtime, Vice Ganda joked that Quiboloy would probably be the greatest enemy for Dalisay in Ang Probinsyano.

“Alam mo kung sino ang magiging pinakamatinding kalaban ni Cardo? Naku, kabahan na si Cardo… Feeling ko si Quiboloy, ‘yung nagpahinto ng lindol,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience. “Si Quiboloy lang ang magpapahinto ng ‘Probinsyano.’ Abangan niyo ‘yan.

The comedian evenr went on to challenge Quiboloy to stop "Ang Probinsyano" from airing, and also the traffic in EDSA.

"Hinahamon kita, Quiboloy,” he said. “Ipahinto mo na ang ‘Probinsyano.’ Napahinto mo pala ang lindol eh. Napakayabang niyo pala eh.”

"Sabi niya raw, stop. Sige nga, punta ka ng gitna ng EDSA, stop mo ‘yung traffic doon."

However, supporters of the founder and leader of the religious group, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ was unhappy about the supposed joke saying it was a personnal attack and disrespectful act to Pastor Quiboloy. According to Mike Abe of DZAR, what Vice Ganda did was clearly an insult to the Pastor because the host didn't know him personally.

On his program 'Usapang Bayan', Abe, the veteran broadcaster expressed his personal opinion. He also criticized the network's management for allowing this kind of statements on national TV.

Abe also clearly stated that his statement is personal, there's nothing to do with his company who owned by Quiboloy. 

The broadcaster defended the Pastor saying that Quiboloy is highly respected man in the country even some of the politicians. 

Abe even warned Vice Ganda not to do this again, because he didn't know what he can do to the comedian if ever they will meet in the future.

Other supporters of the Pastor was quick to respond, a Facebook user Aemore Rivas said, “Who do you think you are? Your fame doesn’t give you the license to mock a person on national TV," said Rivas.

“You are puffed up and feeling invincible right now due to your popularity, but remember, you are not famous and successful forever. Have some respect.“, she added.

“The Man you mocked is looked up to and respected by people from a different faith. The Man you and your co-hosts made fun of today has always been there when big-time calamities struck this nation“

“Sino ka lang ba? Gaano na kataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo? You find our beliefs odd? Shut your mouth. We coexist in this world by respecting other people’s faith and belief.“

Kung d lang kami naturuan ni Pastor ng pag ibig kahit pa siguro may pakpak kang kabayo ka na PANGIT ka! pwede ka namin ibaon na buhay hanggang maka realize ka, said Tring Tring, another supporter.

Previously, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy's name resurfaced anew after a video of him claiming he was responsible for stopping the huge earthquake in Mindanao.

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