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This adorable reaction of little girl after receiving banana as Christmas present is heaven

This reaction of a little girl after receiving a banana as a Christmas present from her parents is a wonderful vibe we saw in social media today. The adorable video was shared on Twitter by LGND, with the caption, "I tried giving my daughter the worst Xmas gift ever and I didn't expect this reaction."
       Photo credit: Twitter / @iamlgndfrvr
The video begins with the excited little girl trying to rip off the wrapping paper, and the moment she realises that it was a Banana, her face immediately glow up in a priceless reaction. To her unstoppable excitement she shouts Banana up to the top level voice.

Justice Mojica, who goes by LGND on their YouTube channel explained that together with his wife they want to give his daughter a banana as a prank.
           Photo credit: Twitter / @iamlgndfrvr
“She’s been really excited about Christmas and Santa Claus. It’s so new to her. She sings along to Christmas carols. It’s a beautiful thing. I just wanted to see her reaction. She’s such a character. You never know what she’s going to do. You can’t make this stuff up. This was a real reaction. It wasn’t a skit. It wasn’t scripted. We were just trying to capture our daily lives. This is who we really are,” the proud dad shared.

“We actually hid her face for an entire year, but she has so much personality, even as a baby, that we started filming her because she's a big ball of good vibes. To have my daughter be a part of this now, it’s amazing.”

It was the first time their 2-year-old Aria Mojica showed on their channel has instantly earned over 22 million views in 4 days.

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