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Footage shows Filipino man was punched on the face in Italy because he looks like Chinese amid COVID-19 scare

This footage showing a man punching an Asian looking man on the face went viral amid COVID-19 scare in Italy. The man insisted that he was a Filipino and not Chinese is the latest incident targeting an innocent Asian men. 

The video shared by one J LAV, shows two men shouting at each other inside a super market, with a taller one initiated a punched which landed to a smaller man. 

In the nasty video, the Asian looking man can be heard repeatedly telling that "I'm Filipino, I'm not Chinese," the International Business Times Singapore reported. 

The brawl took place in the town of Casalpusterlengo, one of the 10 towns in the Lombardy region that has been put under lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Last February 18, Al Jazeera reported that a 31-year-old Filipino was hospitalized after a group of men attacked him when they thought he was a Chinese.

While coronavirus cases spike, discrimination against Asian people seems to have been increasing.

Meanwhile, no Filipinos have been infected so far with COVID-19 in Italy, Iran and South Korea, according to report.

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