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Gen-San man creates Monocycle that you might seen only in movie

If you remember a monocycles chase in Men in Black 3 movie, then this wheel that exist in General Santos city is the closest you can get to ride. Not as high-tech as compared to we saw on sci-fi movie, but concept and style somehow almost the same.

The video that emerged online was uploaded by Ronie Georfo, showing a rider taking a ride in his monocycle. It appeared to be from the old Rusi motorcycle and other features are added to show his own version of mono wheel.

But the prototype isn't perfect in terms of stability as seen on the video. 

Of course, the monocycle wasn't our idea but thanks  to the man in GenSan who tried to innovate and made his own. Looking forward to see more improved monocycle soon in the city on GenSan.

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