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Ben&Ben Dominates South Korea's Melon Search Chart

The Filipino OPM group Ben&Ben trended in South Korea after a member of the Korean band DAY6 and KPOP group NCT recognized them in a live broadcasts.

Quickly, that moment of recognition gives real boost to the band that even dominated the South Korean biggest music streaming platform, Melon Realtime Search Chart!

On Wednesday, the 9-member group is taking the spotlight online among South Korean fans and other Kpop idols saying, “Ben & Ben, Leaves, Wow! It was amazing. I was really surprised!” Young K of Day6 said.

One of the member of the boy band NCT, Mark, also played the song on his VLive broadcast - leaving fans curiosity alive.

To the band's delight, Ben&Ben shared the screenshot of the tweet in their official Facebook page with a caption, "woah this is crazy. we're trending in south korea."

Ben&Ben tweeted in response, "“Thank u for listening to our music, young k of @day6official!!” and “Hey thanks for playing our song “leaves”, Mark of @NCTsmtown_127!"

Both fans from OPM band and Kpop were overjoyed of the recent interactions and recognition. 

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