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Women gets terrible eyebrow tattoos

 Eyebrows could be life to most women and many of them have resorted to micro blading and eyebrow tattooing as an alternative to the tedious task to fix every time they go for socialization.

A Filipina women was left with horrifying eyebrows after an inexperienced tattoo artist completely botched her eyebrows.

According to the unidentified lady she trusted the tattoo artist, knowing that she could completely transform her eyebrows into what she was expected. However, it appeared that the outcome is completely terrible.

Now the tattoo artist has disappeared and she couldn't reached him in his social media account. 

❗❗❗ayaw mu too ani tawhana ni Mang tattoaay daw siya Unya Ang akuaa kilay gi unsa niya pag himo akuaa kilay kursonada...

Posted by Randy Randy Randy on Saturday, August 22, 2020

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