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Shocking video shows baby gets tangled in comfort blanket

 You should never put anything with your child without anyone attending them!

A terrifying moment caught on CCTV showing a baby struggling after being tangled in a comfort blanket.

In a clip shared on the TikTok account Safesleepabc, it can be seen moment a child pulls its comfort blanket over its face and started to suffocate as it blocks the airways.

The video is captioned: "Do not leave ANYTHING in your baby’s sleep space.

"Thankfully this baby’s parents got there in time."


This baby was saved in time. But not every baby is as lucky. Google ABCs of Safe Sleep. ##sids ##sidsawareness ##pregnant ##babysleep ##itsbabytime ##safety

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The video has since gone viral and the account was quick to warn others that some babies won't be so lucky. 

Many viewers agreeing that they felt sick after seeing the video.

The Lullaby Trust recommends to avoid using cot bumpers or leaving toys in a cot, simple mattress in the cot with no loose bedding or bumpers is the safest sleeping place for a baby.

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