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The Simpsons fans believe Lisa Simpson predicted Kamala Harris' inauguration purple oufit

 Fans of long time running animated series 'The Simpsons' are getting into frenzy, believing Lisa Simpson had predicted vice president Kamala Harris' inauguration purple outfit.

Following Episode 17 of Season 11 Bart To The Future showing Lisa in purple outfit when she become the US president convinced many netizens that it has once again predicted the recent inauguration of Kamala Harris. 

Here's vice president Kamala Harris during the inauguration.

An adult Lisa Simpson when she becomes the president of America can be seen wearing almost same outfit as Harris on Wednesday. A purple dress with a coat coupled with a string of pearls around her neck!

Some fans couldn't help but shared the details they noticed on the outfit of the two on Twitter.

"Yeah, everything that ever will be has already been on “The Simpsons”. But this is a bit on the nose."

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