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Doctor found knife stuck on man's chest for more than a year

 A man in Agusan del Sur was shocked after a doctor told him about a four-inch metal still stuck in his chest, according to his X-ray result. 

Kent Ryan Tomao, recently took an X-ray as it was required for his employment but "an object resembling to a knife" that is just few inches from his lungs was discovered.

According to Tomao since he was being treated from a stab wound more than years ago, he did not know if an X-ray procedure was performed on him, he told local media. He added that after he recovered from the stab wound, he did not notice anything unusual in his body except that he was always felt an internal pain during cold weather. 

Tomao declined to name the doctor and the government-owned hospital where he was admitted in 2020. But he said that his mother who watched over him while being treated knew the doctor.

"I am just seeking help so the knife can be removed," he pleaded.

Tomao recalled that he was stabbed while riding in a tricycle on the way home from work last January 4, 2020. 

He hoped to return to Kidapawan City to have the knife removed from his chest so he can get the job he was applying for in a mining company in Agusan del Sur.

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