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Nadine Lustre backs down after fans boycotts Mang Tomas

 It looks like Nadine Lustre will stay away from buying her favorite  lechon sauce Mang Tomas anytime soon after many of its fans claimed unfair labor practices of its manufacturer with #BoycottNutriAsia. 

Recently, a photo of Lustre buying a bottle of Mang Tomas while she's in Siargao send a huge hype after it went viral. Her barefaced while clad in a layered bikini with a bottle of Mang Tomas sends different type of vibes. 

However, the hype became a learning opportunity to the actress as netizens replied to her with tweets bearing the hashtag, #BoycottNutriAsia.

"Just read up on that #. Guess this is goodbye Tomas!" Lustre said in a reply to a tweet with a dismayed emoji face.

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