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Kitten born with four ears becomes internet sensation

 This adorable kitten with extra set of ears is making the rounds online. Midas, a four-month-old grey kitten has amused over 46K followers on Instagram.

She lives with her owner Canis Domesci in Turkey and shares her home with two dogs, Zeyno and Suzy.

In several photos shared on Instagram, her ears is very captivating to the eyes, where a deformation occurred for possible gene mutation carried over from its parents.

Meanwhile, her pet parent before she joined Canis' home has adorable dogs who loved to play with the newcomer.

Midas seem to be comfortable with the doggo as she was captured on the video giving goodnight to 12-year-old Suzy.

"She is very playful cat. But very friendly as well," Canis told Daily Mail.

"She sleeps all day and is awake all night," she added.

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