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 Maybe from Pablo, we can learn - there is more to life than freeing yourself from the others expectations and fully embrace self love.

SB19's Pablo dropped his solo debut on Friday, January 28, in titled, "La Luna". 

The simple queer undertone in the video create a powerful message of individuality and will hopefully create a reverse unrealistic society's standards.

He, himself wanted "La Luna" his inspiration to face his own personal struggles. The song is harmonized with hip-hop inspired beat, along with cinematic vibe.

"Its focus is mostly myself, my feelings, my beliefs, how I view the world and how it affects me," he said.

“To be mentally healthy, we need to come to terms with ourselves, that what we feel is valid. We shouldn’t suppress it just so we can please everyone and avoid confrontation. There will always be black in white and white in black. We should maintain balance within us. That’s how we remain sane and alive,” he added.

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