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 Nadine Lustre and boyfriend Christophe Bariou keeps a very low key relationship, but you might be interested to know how they first met and turned everything into magical story.

In an interview with Rico Robles for Monster RX93.1's All Out, the actress revealed that they met through common friends in Siargao back in July 2021.

"He's so ignorant when it comes to that so he doesn't know anything. He didn't know who I was," Lustre said. 

"My friend invited us to go to this villa... Ayun, we were just hanging (out)."

Every now and again Lustre will share tiny anecdotes from their relationship, always making sure not to share too much.

A connection between them started, "when I got back from Siargao, after that trip, he flew (to Manila) and that's when we really like started hanging out."


Lustre also revealed what she loves most about their relationship is that they discovered a lot of common interest.

"We just never stopped talking and I think that's one of the things that I love about our dynamics. We always have something to talk about. It's funny how in sync we are. We like the same things.(Like) two peas in a pod."

Since she officially revealed their relationship into public back in January 12, 2022, Lustre admitted that they never hide their relationship.

"We're always hanging out. People are always taking photos. I mean, it's understandable because they've never seen me with someone else so it's kind of weird that I'm hanging out with this other dude so i get it. There's really no intention of hiding it in the first place."  

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