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Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia's daughter, Kendra, is finally going to regular school.

According to the basketball player, his eldest daughter, Kendra, did study homeschooling for four years.


"After 4 years of homeschooling, our baby @kramer.kendra will finally go to Grade 8 regular school", Dough's caption on his Instagram post.

According to the couple, before they decided to send their daughter to regular schooling, they felt that Kendra was capable of all aspects.

Dough also said that Kendra is a hard worker, responsible, studious, and God-fearing child.

Dough added, that it is also the example he has shown to the other two children, Scarlett and Gavin. He said it is important for the eldest sibling to serve as a good example to the younger siblings because they can follow the actions of the older ones.

Last week, he took Kendra on a date and told her how proud and excited he was to start regular schooling. He gave pieces of advice and reminded her of her convictions and anchors.

 "She's now at middle school, 13 yrs old. A new surrounding. I'm sure she'll flourish and show everyone how different and amazing she is. Papa and Mama love you so much Keny! ❤️- Dough expressed.


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