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 This Filipino grandma is a living proof that traveling is not only for young ones, and we're impressed of her determination to fulfill her dreams at aged 77.

According to reports, Odette Aquitania Ricasa became the first Filipino to have traveled 195 countries in the world, and 193 of which are recognized by the United Nations, while the two others are non-members: the Holy sea and the State of Palestine.

After being held for two years due to pandemic,  Ricasa achieved her travel goal as she landed at the last country on her list, August 25, 2022. She arrived in Kurdistan and Iraq on Thursday.

To summarize all the land mass she have visited, she was able to complete 301 countries  and territories, including islands that are not known to many such as: Robinson Crusoe islands, Lakshadweep islands, Andaman Nicobar islands, and more.

Before the pandemic started in 2020, she was able to visit five countries like Sudan, Chad, the Central African Republic, Libya, and Iraq.

Ricasa, who grew up in Quiapo, Manila and now based in Los Angeles, California started her journey of traveling the world in the year 1980.

According to her visiting the Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo are her most unforgettable experience in her more than 40 years of traveling. These countries are not popular destinations for travelers, and during her visit, she was alone.

In her decades of traveling, according to her 80% of it she travel alone.

The Philippine Global Explorers said that by 2015, Ricasa had visited every continent.

She is a member of the Travelers’ Century Club, which only allows members who have traveled to 100 or more countries, according to their website.

Aside from travelling, she also an author of 6 books, an artist, a motivational speaker, and a pianist.

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