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 A dog who was left abandoned by his owner along with a note has touched the hearts of many netizens on social media.

In a now viral photos shared by a certain 'Nicole" on Twitter, the dog was found tied to railings near Mandaluyong City Hall with a heartbreaking note appeared to be his young owner.

"Hello! I found an abandoned dog near Mandaluyong City Hall. Here are some of her photos, along with the note attached to her leash. If you'd like to adopt her, I brought her to Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation in Boni Ave,"said Nicole on Twitter.

Nicole is trying to find a new owner along with a note that read:"Kuya/Ate, kung sino po ang makabasa nito, sana po alagaan ninyo nang maayos ang aso ko, kaya ko po ginawa ito dahil lagi nagagalit si Mama sa kaniya, hindi ko man kagustuhan. Sorry PANDA. Panda po name niya." 

The dog was currently in the hands of a veterinary hospital in PPBCC.

Many messages to help the dog flooded on the comments section with one offered to bring Panda to the US. 

"If nobody claims her within a month, please let me know. I would gladly adopt her and bring her to US. Please contact me for her needs (food, vaccines, linens) .Maybe she can be taken to a vet for check up. Please reach out to me. Thank you."

Here's the current update for Panda: 

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